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One gift card, many opportunities


Average basket increase.

Facilitate higher-priced sales and larger baskets with a gift card that's accepted everywhere.


Average increase in conversion.

Reduce cart abandonment and eliminate price barriers, turning visitors into buyers.


Customer repurchase rate.

Give customers even more reasons to come back again and again with their preferred payment method.

How it works

Turn visitors into customers.

Use our turnkey solutions to eliminate price barriers in your store and boost sales.

Offer buyers flexibility when it comes to payment.

Offer transparency and convenience with simple payment options thanks to the Goubba card. And, of course, at no extra cost.

Receive payments via a reliable network.

Increase your sales without risk. You get paid with every transaction. We make sure every payment is safe and easy.

Why brands love Goubba.

Join Algeria's first and largest gift card network. Why settle for less than the best?

Turn our buyers into your customers.

Goubba directs hundreds of thousands of buyers to our partners through co-marketing campaigns.

Activate omnichannel sales.

We're where your customers are. Sell on your website, in-store or via your app.

Improve your payment process.

Buyers love the Goubba buying experience, thanks to an industry-leading net promoter score.

Use a better alternative to cash on delivery.

Gift card payments encourage buyers to choose Goubba over cash on delivery.

Safe, authorized and compliant.

Goubba is authorized to operate by an Algerian regulatory authority.

Ready for growth.

Goubba has raised funds from more than 10 leading regional and global investors.

Integration? Child's play.

We integrate with online and physical stores on many platforms. Take advantage of our direct development, integration and marketing support to grow your business.

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