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Goubba, what is it?


Salariés engagés

More than 247,000 employees benefit from our services, improving their purchasing power and daily well-being.


Business partners

We work with more than 218 companies across Algeria, who trust us to enrich their benefits program


Merchants in our network

Our network includes over 2,000 partners, offering a variety of products and services to employees.

Discover our solutions

Boost your employees' daily lives with Goubba! Offer luncheon vouchers, customized gift cards and sports memberships. Let us guide you.

Restaurant Card

Restaurant Card

Turn your lunch break into an employee advantage.

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Gift Card

Gift Card

Reward, build loyalty and celebrate your employees’ special moments.

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Fitness Card

Fitness Card

The membership that gives your employees access to over 120+ gyms.

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Why companies prefer Goubba.

Here are just a few of the unique advantages we offer the market.

Billing based on consumption.

We bill only for the amounts consumed, refunding any unused value to the company. This transparent model delivers substantial savings, with up to 37% of the distribution budget preserved.

Physical or digital cards on request.

Offer physical or digital gift cards, as you prefer. We personalize and co-brand your cards to maintain your corporate identity and reinforce your brand.

Cards can be topped up at any time.

Our cards can be topped up at any time by credit card or bank transfer. This enables your employees to retain the same benefits and discounts with our network of partners.

And here's why employees love Goubba.

Discover the exclusive benefits that only your employees can enjoy.

Discounts on every purchase.

Benefit from instant cashback on every purchase made with our card within our partner network, increasing your purchasing power by 22%.

Phone top-up and bill payment.

Use your Goubba card to top up your phone easily and pay your internet bills or other utilities. Simplify your daily payments with just one card.

Online shopping and free delivery.

Shop on many e-commerce sites throughout Algeria. Your Goubba card is accepted everywhere and you benefit from free delivery direct to your home.

How it works

Card activation.

Start by activating your Goubba card. It's quick and easy, and allows you to start using the card immediately for your purchases.

Shopping made easy.

Use your Goubba card with our partners to pay for your purchases. Whether in-store or online, the Goubba card is your flexible and secure means of payment, at no extra cost.

Take advantage of Instant Discounts.

Every time you make a transaction with your Goubba card, you'll benefit from cashback and immediate discounts. Increase your purchasing power by taking advantage of exclusive promotions from our partners.

Our offers to suit every profile

Select our employee benefits solution, designed for each member and activated in just a few clicks.

For work council

For work council

Simplify benefits management with a single platform. Say goodbye to unused benefits.

For HRs

For HRs

Stimulate and retain your teams with a diverse range of benefits.

For managers.

For managers.

Maximize performance with targeted rewards. Optimize your budget effortlessly!

For Startups.

For Startups.

Offer an effective benefits solution to improve your employees’ daily lives.

Ready to add value to your teams with Goubba?

Give your employees more purchasing power and exclusive benefits with our gift card. Simplify rewards at your company.