Get the best from Mabrook

Mabrook+ allows you to earn 3%* cashback on the Mabrook card. For only 200 DA/month.

*Please note that cashback rates are subject to change.

Take advantage of discounts and cashback

Save up to 25%* on purchases from your favorite brands and receive cash every month on your Mabrook+ card.

*Please note that cashback rates are subject to change.

Secure, contactless payments

Make secure, contactless payments with your card or smartphone.

24/7 priority support

Chat support available for help with returns, payments and order management.


Got questions? We’ve got answers.

What is Mabrook+?

Mabrook+ is our premium gift card offering exclusive benefits such as discounts of up to 25% at selected partners and 1% instant cashback on every purchase. It lets you manage your spending conveniently and securely.

How can I subscribe to Mabrook+?

To subscribe to Mabrook+, go to our website and follow the instructions to activate your card. You can also subscribe via our mobile app available on iOS and Android.

Who is eligible for the Mabrook and Mabrook+ Cards?

Anyone over the age of 18 can register for the Mabrook Card. Mabrook+ is available to all Mabrook Card holders who wish to benefit from our exclusive advantages.

How does Mabrook+ cashback work?

With Mabrook+, you earn 1% instant cashback on every purchase. This cashback is credited to your Mabrook wallet each month, which you can use for future purchases.

Can I still use the Mabrook Card without Mabrook+?

Yes, you can use the Mabrook Card without subscribing to Mabrook+. However, by subscribing to Mabrook+, you benefit from additional advantages such as discounts and cashback.